Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Travelling musician brings joy to travellers (+giveaway)

I stepped into a train carriage travelling into the city the other day and saw a group of high school children sitting in a group an intensely talking amongst themselves.  I took a seat nearby.  Soon music started to fill the air.  Usually when this happens, I move.  It's generally someone listening to an ipod with the volume set far too loudly so that the sound bleeds through their earphones; or it's someone listening to music without even the courtesy of using headphones.

This was different though.  It was good music and it was being played live.  There was someone playing the guitar, who was very, very good.  There was an air of quiet appreciation from the people sitting with him as his artistry gave pleasure.  I didn't recognise the music but did recognise a musician with rhythm who communicates through his instrument.  He finished one piece and then started something familiar.  His fans clicked their fingers crisply at regular intervals.  He was playing the theme from the "Pink Panther".  I've never heard it played on the guitar before and he made me wonder why I had never had the pleasure.

We pulled into North Melbourne Station and I turned around to see him and acknowledge him.  He had only one friend left sitting with him and he was playing with intention and joy.  He looked up as I turned around.  Our eyes met and we acknowledged each other - I was acknowledging the gift of his music and he acknowledged the gift of my appreciation.

He finished the piece and I applauded.  Others on the train looked up and smiled, but didn't join me in applause.

This young man was a pleasure to hear.  I may never hear him play again.  I don't know his name, but I'm sure I would recognise his playing if I heard him again.  I really hope I do hear his music again.

On another note, here is the sugar laden afternoon tea that I resisted when working with a client today.  In the fourth week of sugar-free life, I am very pleased to say that I wasn't even tempted!  I was, however, very hungry and will take an alternative snack with me tomorrow.

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Good luck!

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