Thursday, 29 November 2012

How hot was today? Pretty hot.

Today was so hot, even the flies stayed in the shade.

Today was so hot, even my eyeballs felt hot.

Today was so hot, I had to wear full corporate clothing (including stockings).  The first thing I did when I arrived home was to take all my clothes off.

Today was so hot, driving around in a car was very appealing.  The air-conditioning was turned up to "high".

Today was so hot, people commented that being on a train was the best place to be today.  The air-conditioning was icy cold.  

Today was so hot, I went to the movies to see something I wasn't terribly interested in.  It turned out I didn't enjoy it all.  The air-conditioning was the best part.  (I saw "Titanic" when it first came out because it was a really hot day in Brisbane and I wanted the longest possible film to make sure I maximised air-conditioning bang for my buck.  It turned out to be a good choice because there was a lot of ice to look at.)

Today was so hot, my bed felt like it was on fire.

Today was so hot, I didn't mind that I had no hot water.  A cold shower was just fine.

Today was so hot, I just dunked a tea bag right in my water bottle and I had tea.  No need for a kettle.

Today was so hot.  39.6 degress Celsius at 6:11pm.  

Tonight is so hot, I'll have to have my fourth shower of the day and cuddle an ice block.

Tonight is so hot, I wish I had a garden I could sleep in, or a teleporter to take me to Iceland for the night, or an air-conditioner that didn't burn brown coal to use it.  

Tonight is so hot, I wish I had a walk in refrigerator that I could sleep in.

Tonight is so hot. 

Tonight is

Tonight hot. so hot.

Twenty-seven degrees Celsius at 11:20pm.  

It could be hotter.

How do you stay cool?

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  1. WOW that is hot! Hope today is cooler cause I couldn't imagine trying to fall asleep in that heat!

  2. Cooler today! About 28, but humid. A welcome change from yesterday's oven blast. I slept surprisingly well. I think because I was really tired!