Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Life without a computer.

My computer has been returned after needing to have the CD/DVD drive replaced for a third time.  I sent it off to be fixed at a time when I also was travelling interstate for work.  It's been interesting to be at home without access to a computer.  Because I run my business from home, I have the computer on all the time.  The lines between work and personal activity do become blurred, after all, I'm a one woman show at the moment, so it could be argued that everything is work and everything is personal.  I'll have more concrete percentages after I visit the accountant next week.

Here's what happened while I was without a computer.

My Scrabble opponents had to wait for me to make a move.

I was unable to pay someone I owed money to. Even with an iphone.  I had previously been able to access my bank's website on my phone, but they upgraded to a mobile site which is great, but it also has limited functionality.  One of the limits is on not being able to set up a new payee.  My bank doesn't have many branches.  To arrange the payment, I had to download a form, print it and fax it back or take it to one of the three branches in Melbourne.  That process had me reaching for my cheque book.

I couldn't catch up with the second episode of "The Slap" on ABC TV's iview.  (I missed it because I was out to dinner.)

I had to physically go into the library and look for a book on the shelves!  Normally I just place an order via the web and then collect the book when I receive an email or text message letting me know it's waiting for me.

I couldn't immediately submit my invoice to a client for this billing period.

I couldn't do the accounts for my brother's business.

I couldn't skype with my friend in the Kimberley Desert.  We had to talk on the phone the old fashioned way. (That was okay.  I was lying in bed for the second hour.)

I had to delay compiling my personal tax records and details for my Business Activity Statement, relating to GST collection.

I made handwritten notes of knitting done and books read for electronic update later.

That's all.  Life went on.  There was some inconvenience, but things turned out okay in the end.  I wasn't bereft.  The most serious problems I would face if I didn't have a computer at home would be to do with banking and running my business, including doing my brother's accounts.  It's just not possible to be computer free, but it felt nice for a little while.

I'd miss my online Scrabble games too.

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