Thursday, 21 March 2013

Wild windy winds

Today was really windy.
Really, really windy.
So windy that it was an effort to walk down the street.
So windy I had to button my jacket so I wasn't trailing a spinnaker.
So windy my umbrella turned inside out at the very thought of rain.

As I was walking, I noticed a tiny little bird perched on a telephone line.
The wire was moving in the wind.
The tiny little bird was hanging on - its feet gripping the wire furiously.
The tiny little bird's body was being buffeted by the wind.
I bet its abs are switched on, I thought.
I wondered how the tiny little bird wasn't blown away.
I understood why it was gripping so tightly.

I had a vision of the tiny little bird letting go.
The tiny little bird would be swept up and away.
Perhaps it would work its wings.
Perhaps it would meet a terrible fate.
Slam.  Into a wall.
Slam.  Into a passing truck.
Slam. Into the ground.
Poor little tiny bird.

Today was really windy.
Really, really windy.
Upsettingly windy.
So windy I saw a tree split in two.
So windy the front yard filled with rubbish.
So windy I didn't wear lip gloss.

Today was really windy.
The trees have been well exercised.

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