Sunday, 24 March 2013

Sunday Slideshow

Working in different places gives me the opportunity to notice different parts of my city.  And waiting fro public transport provides lots of moments to stop and really have a look.

The Eureka Tower at Southgate is currently Melbourne's tallest building.  I've been noticing it in all different lights and different angles.

Eureka Tower I
© divacultura 2013
I like the perspective of this second shot.  The tower almost looks smaller than the telephone pole.  I also like all the straight lines going in various directions.
Eureka II
© divacultura 2013

Eureka III - Stormy
© divacultura 2013

Eureka IV
© divacultura 2013
I walk past the Malthouse Theatre precinct often these days.  There is a lot to look at. Orange is a colour that dominates the urban landscape around the area.  Here it's on the exhaust chimney from the Domain Tunnel (I think that's the right one).
Urban landscape
© divacultura 2013

Melbourne morning - perfect for hot air balloons
© divacultura 2013

French champagne and vintage tiles
© divacultura 
I've been enjoying playing with light and shadows.  Interesting to see the different moods.  The first shot was taken one afternoon at Southgate looking over to the CBD at about 5:30pm.

© divacultura 2013
The next two were taken on the same morning from the tram stop, looking over to Federation Square and Transport Bar.

Federation Square
© divacultura 2013

Transport Bar
© divacultura 2013
Have you stopped to notice your surroundings lately?  What have you noticed?

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