Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Rough seas

It's been a rough night, followed by a rough day.

I woke up at 3am feeling very ill.  I tossed and turned, got up and down, couldn't sleep and then was sick.  Then I slept until my alarm went off at 5:45am.  I lay still for a while, not game to move in case I was hit by another wave of nausea.  I had the pinpricky sweating at the back of my neck.  Optimistically, I had a shower and decided to see how I felt.  I was like the walking dead.  I was supposed to facilitate day two of leadership program today.  I tried to imagine travelling on a packed, airless train.  This was followed by unpleasant scenes of public vomiting.  No one needs to be subjected to that.  Then I imagined that even if I made it in without incident, I would not be in good form for participants.  After a few early morning text messages a replacement was found.

Initially I felt guilty about this.  Then I gave myself a break.  There was nothing I could do, apart from give as much notice as possible.  Turning up under these circumstances would be a selfish act.  I might feel better about not having to call in sick, but I wouldn't be at my best and would probably pass the bug along.  No one would thank me for that!  So while I missed out on my fee for the day, but now I'm in a better position to work tomorrow and the next day.

I slept until 1pm.  I'm feeling like I've been hit by a train.  I did some reading and watched some TV and now I'm ready for bed again.  And it's hot.

Sometime this morning I did take a call from Yarra Trams.  They called to let me know that they're still considering and investigating the issue I've raised about the dangerous crush at the Federation Square/Flinders Street tram stop.  I'll keep you posted.

Hope I have a good sleep and wake up feeling brand spanking new tomorrow.

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