Monday, 28 May 2012

Warning! Danger! Read the instructions.

I've just pulled my new slow cooker out of the packaging.

I always read the instructions before doing anything with a new appliance.  Having read these ones I'm wondering whether I'll be able to use it!

From the list under the heading "IMPORTANT":

Always use the Kambrook Essentials Slow Cooker on a dry, level surface.  Finally I have a use for the the spirit level app on my iphone.

Do not use on metal surfaces, for example, a sink drain board.  Lucky I'm not working in the new kitchen with aluminium benchtops.

Use the Kambrook Essentials Slow Cooker well away from walls.  Hmmm.  I have a small kitchen with small benches.  The benches are near the walls.  The cord on the appliance isn't that long.

Do not use in moving vehicles or boats.  OK.

Then there is a list of things which are written for stupid people: be careful it's hot! Don't hang half of the appliance off the edge of the bench (how would you even do that?).  Don't use it outside.  Don't let children play with the appliance - it's not a toy.

No it's not a toy.  It's clearly a very dangerous and complex item that mixes electricity with liquid and it gets hot!

All things considered, I should be able to use it safely by placing it in the middle of the kitchen floor!

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  1. Gotta love those instructions. Its like a snickers bar saying "may contain nuts". Really? I'm sure hoping the peanut packed snickers I'm buying contains nuts.