Thursday, 17 May 2012

Emerging Writers & blogging masterclass.

I'm so excited!  I've enrolled in a masterclass being run as part of the Emerging Writer's Festival here in Melbourne.  With divacultura approaching its first anniversary and the blog being part of my daily work, I thought the opportunity to learn some professional skills and network with other writers was too good an opportunity to pass up.

The topics covered are wide ranging and relevant.  From the website:

  • Blog to Where? – a blog’s success can lead to a variety of opportunities. See how they can be pursued
  • Monetisation – tips and tricks to making money from your blog
  • Content Creation – writing blog, podcasting, video blogging – how should you say what you want to say
  • Strategic Planning – planning and forecasting for blogging success
  • Audience Development – how to create and engage an audience for your blog
It will be interesting to think about some things that I haven't really thought about.  

I'm a great believer in thinking and exploring the world, including the things that I do regularly.  There's always more to learn.  I spend such a lot of time helping other people with their professional development, it's a luxury to be on the "other end", sitting in a room and being the receptacle, rather than the facilitator.  I've never participated in the Emerging Writer's Festival before either, so that's another aspect of interest.

I don't know what all of this will mean for my blog, or for me as a writer and a person.  We shall see.  Maybe you will too.  Meanwhile, I'd better start thinking about who should play me in the movie!

What investment have you made in your professional development lately?

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