Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Mixed up and lost

Today I tweeted:  Feel like it's Friday. But it's not. Friday.

Do you ever have that feeling?  When you're not quite sure what day it is or what's coming next?  

Today is actually Wednesday, so I was travelling forward in time by a couple of days.  

It's almost Thursday.  Not quite.  Almost. 

Thursday is not Friday.  Wednesday is not Friday.  Today, Wednesday wasn't even Wednesday.

I wonder what day it will be tomorrow?  What will Thursday masquerade as?  

I'd be content with Thursday to be Thursday.  I'm not working on Thursday this week.  Whenever it occurs.

I would be less happy for Thursday to be Friday this week, as I am working.  

Given today felt like Friday, I've thought about whether yesterday felt like Thursday, or just an ordinary Tuesday.  

I don't think yesterday felt like anything other than a day.  So perhaps it was just being Tuesday.

Thank goodness I didn't do anything rash.  My Fridays are often full of rash, end of week behaviour.  If I had fully embraced my feeling that today was Friday, there is no telling where the week would have ended.

Well there is.  It would have ended on Friday.  Just like every other week.  Except this time, Friday would be brought to us by Wednesday and we'd all say goodbye to hump day.

It's an elegant solution really.  Just cut out the middle man and be done with it.

With Masterchef and The Block on television every night of the week, I'm lacking differentiation.  Is it any wonder I'm suffering from a serious case of mid week madness.  

Or maybe that's end of week madness.

I just don't know anymore.

Is there a name for this?

When you get your dyas all mixed up.


Good morning.

Good gracious...

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  1. I'm the same. I spent all day thinking it was Thursday today