Friday, 30 March 2012


I'm exhausted. Bone tired. My eye lids are feeling so heavy that it's an effort to blink my eyes open.  I could easily sit here and never move again.  What a shame that I have to rise and find my way to bed.  Even the enticement of cool, white sheets that smell of sunshine are not enough to lure me from where I sit.  I feel a yawn coming on and because there's no one around, I can luxuriate in it with my mouth open, my head thrown back and my eyes squeezed shut.  I can suck in air and stretch out until I feel my fingertips and scalp tingle. My typing is slowing down. My head is lolling forward. It's lucky I can touch type. I'm exhausted. Bone tired. My eye lids are so heavy I can't keep my eyes open. I need to move. I need to surrender myself to blissful sleep.

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