Sunday, 18 March 2012

Photo of the day - A CORNER OF YOUR HOME

The theme for today's photo is "a corner of your home".  As soon as I saw this, I knew exactly what I would photograph.
(c) divacultura 2012
This is a corner I look at all the time.  It makes me happy.  It's the top of my very special stepped book case and houses a small collection of special things.

The hands are hand carved sandalwood.  I bought them when I was in India.  They were very expensive and I shouldn't really have been buying them, but I had never seen anything like them.  I kept going back to look at them and knew that I just had to have them.  They are so intricate!  The scent of sandalwood has faded over time, but I am so happy that I decided to buy them.

Next is a very fine porcelain tealight holder.  It glows red with a lit candle inside.  It's so fine it's almost translucent. It is a recent purchase from a gift store in Seddon.

The wooden carved candle stick came from the Eumundi markets in Queensland many years ago.  I love the curves of the wood.  It makes me think of a whale tale.

Sitting on the base of the candle stick holder is a tiny enamel bell given to me as a birthday gift many years ago by a very dear friend.

Next is a carved granite Buddha's head.  I also purchased this in India from a boy who took me around the streets of his village in the south.   He was attending a school and learning to carve.  He came up to me in the street and asked me where I was from.  As soon as he discovered I was from Australia he wanted to know if I was friends with Ricky Ponting and Shane Warne!

Lastly there's a pyramid of zebra rock which another friend brought me from the Northern Territory.

Observing this corner of my home makes me happy.  By candlelight it is even better.

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