Wednesday, 25 January 2012

MYKI - Liberal member's response

Remember when I received a refund cheque for 94 cents from the Public Transport Ticketing Authority who administer MYKI?  I wrote a whole post about it.  Then I decided to bring the situation to the attention of my state government representatives.  I wrote about that too.

Most of my representatives have kept me very well informed about how they are progressing my enquiry, by emailing, messaging from the ipad, telephoning or sending an (undated) copy of the letter they wrote to the Minister for Transport.

Today I received the first communique (via email) that indicated what the Minister's office has to say about the refund process for MYKI tickets.  It came from the office of Andrew Elsbury MLC:

"Thank you for your email regarding concerns with Myki refunds. I have spoken to the Minister's office and they have advised me that the Department of Transport has no immediate plans to change current refund procedures."

Now this has left me with more questions than I started with.  What's the story with what the Public Transport Ombudsman advised me last year?  Were they wrong or have plans changed?  If the plans have changed, what on earth is the rationale for leaving it the way it is?  And this is now happening against the backdrop of the recent announcement that a full roll out of MYKI will occur this year and the paper metcards will be phased out.  The email has been sent from a staffer, but I can only assume it represents the Member's views.

Andrew Elsbury is a member of the Liberal Party and therefore the Victorian State Government, elected in 2010.  Perhaps I shouldn't expect very much more from someone in his position.  But then I noticed on his website this statement:  

"In his Members Statement to the Legislative Council Andrew sets out what the Coalition Government is doing in Melbourne's West and how it is ending Labor's "That'll do" attitude."

I don't know Mr Elsbury, seems like the prevailing attitude is "that'll do".  I wonder what you think of the system?  How is it serving your constituents?  I'd really love to hear someone argue its benefits.

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