Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Chance encounters - new opportunities.

Interesting things are happening.

I have just been commissioned to knit a bunch of these cute little egg cosies for Easter.

(c) divacultura 2012

My approach to designing them was "I'm basically making a hat for an egg".  Stay tuned and I'll let you know when they're available from the retailer.

Yesterday I was offered a spot teaching piano to children locally.  I was very happy to get the call but it clashes with my choir rehearsal.  I really had to think about whether I should sacrifice my choir for the sake of paid work, but decided that singing regularly is very important to me.  I could have found another choir to sing with, but I like this one and feel committed to it.

Both of these opportunities arose because of chance conversations in a shop.  I've discovered that being in the world in a state that is always open to possibility means there is potential in every encounter.  Especially if you're curious enough to ask questions and engage with other people, whoever they are.

So here's a little cheer for my two new additions to my business.

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