Monday, 21 January 2013

Last week of the summer holidays.

Here's how I spent the last week of my summer holidays...

Swimming in a bush lake.

Walking on the beach in the morning.

Singing a capella with other wonderful people.

Making harmonies - planned and impromptu.

Exploring rhythm - body percussion, playing the bush and being silly and playful with a variety of percussion instruments.

Sharing secrets in the dark from a bunk bed in a dorm.

Accepting love and appreciation for my work.

Connecting with old friends and making new ones.

Writing songs.

Finishing and performing one of these songs (that I really like!)

Appreciating the beauty of the world.



Making music.

Writing.  A lot.

Listening to music live - every night.

Being humbled by the talent of people around me.

Being blessed by their generosity in helping to create.

Reconnecting with good creative habits (morning pages).

On the drive home, I was amazed to find the artist at a the Barking Dog ceramics gallery in Uralla (between Armidale and Tamworth) had posters in her work room for concerts performed by Kristina Olsen who is one of the long standing teachers at Summersong.

I then stopped to see the Cash Only show at the Tamworth Country Music Festival on the way home on the spur of the moment - one of my favourite ways to experience music.  It was at the Longyard Hotel which I think is the greatest pub name in the world.

Summersong is where I was, and have been every year since 2005 (except for 2012).  How's that for a great way to finish holidays!

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Leaving my mark.
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Jostling for power.  Impressed by the cabin mate
who packed a power board!
© divacultura 2013

Back in the bush. View from the back verandah.
© divacultura 2013

My normal daily publication schedule will recommence shortly.


  1. Great photos :-) That cabin mate with the powerboard sounds super smart! ;-)