Saturday, 8 December 2012

My favourite things this week

1.  I know that the death of someone is not usually something that would turn up in a post like this, but jazz musician Dave Brubeck's death caused me to dust the cobwebs off the playlist and rediscover his music.  It's been a while.  From that exploration, I went for a wander around iTunes into Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk territory and have been feeling mellow and groovy ever since.  I even took some jazz for a wander around the piano keyboard myself.  I did it for hours this evening and it made me feel happy.  Oh and when will we be able to get the soundtrack to the television series Homeland?  I'm in the mood.

2.  Brief encounters have been a theme this week: a coffee here, a lunch there, a truncated work assigment, a few lines in an email.  They've all been good and left me wanting more.  Ah the freedom of freelance.

3.  Lying down on the job.  Today I was doing some simulation work that required me to lie on a hospital bed for the day.  I had my vital signs taken several times.  It was very relaxing - so relaxing that I had trouble staying awake.  Playing with the buttons on the adjustable bed is fun and provided some amusement in between students.  If they didn't look so hospitally, I'd get one of those beds for home.  My scientific observation for the day: my resting heart rate for most of the day was around 60 beats per minute and my temperature was about 36.8 degrees Celsius.  I had a styrofoam cup of instant coffee (bleh) to try and stay awake and immediately after my pulse was 74 beats per minute and my temperature had risen to 37.1 degrees Celsius.  I can only imagine what a good quality short black would do.  Or an encounter with George Clooney.

4.  Work offers that are exactly what you want, what you need and at the right time for everyone.  There's nothing else to say about that.

5.  This website:  The World Needs More Love Letters.  Sign up, why dontcha?  I have.  (Thanks to my friend Sue who put this in front of me.)

I'm nearly on holiday!  Only a couple more pieces of work for the year and I'll be onto my summer holiday reading list and crazy nail polish colours and plotting my novel.

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