Friday, 21 December 2012

Change of scene, change of schedule

I'm writing this post from a desk with  different view from what is usually in front of me.  Usually I'm at my kitchen table with nothing but a wall in front of me.  Today, I'm looking out at a paddock, with hills in the distance.  There's a long green shed in the middle distance with a red container parked next to it.  Occasionally I see vehicles go by on the highway.  A little blue bird is standing in front of the window  showing me its tail.  Horses wander by and now I feel the softness of a cat as one winds its way around my ankles.  The sky is cloudy.  Some of them are black and heavy looking.  There's a faint roll of thunder in the distance.  Apart from that the only sounds are the ticking of a clock and the breathing of the air conditioner.  And the sound of my typing.

Over the summer break, my posting won't be as frequent while I relax and regroup.  I certainly won't be posting daily!  The best way to make sure you don't miss a thing is to subscribe via email - that way you'll receive an email whenever I do post something and you'll know about it straight away.  (There's a button over on the right hand side.  Yes!  Right there!  Just type in your email address, click and go.)

If you need a fix, why not visit the archives and see what you can find?  There's lots to read.  Two of my personal favourites are a response to spam email I received in October last year:Love in the letterbox and The Rejection Letter.  Another favourite is a result of an exercise in imagination: Journey to the tenth floor

There are also suggestions at the end of each post which link to other posts.  Sometimes I just follow a trail and enjoy the journey.  Or you can just look at the pictures.  The Sunday Slideshow posts have lots!  Start here.

Thank you to my readers - I just love knowing that you're out there.  I love receiving your feedback and hearing your stories too.  I've enjoyed making you smile and laugh.  I've enjoyed provoking you. I've enjoyed the ability to occasionally give you things.  I've enjoyed sharing my perspective of the world.

Walking around these days I notice more and more that people have their eyes down and are absorbed in their screens.  I've made a conscious choice to be fully present in the world with my eyes up and my attention OUT THERE.  This is why I notice so much and can share it with you.

Whatever you do at this time of year, I hope it brings you joy or gives someone else joy.  Stay safe and happy reading!

The rain has just arrived.  The hills are still bathed in sunlight in the distance and the shrubs outside are squeaking as they scrape against the windows.  The thunder is rumbling more deeply and the birds have taken cover.

ETA:  10 minutes later:  the rain is pelting and I can't see the hills or the long green shed.  I can barely hear myself think over the sound of rain on the roof and windows.  Bliss.

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