Thursday, 23 February 2012

Nourishment of more than the food kind

On one hand I've been feeling really appreciated today and on the other I had an encounter that left me, well, puzzled.

There has been some turbulence this week.  Nothing dramatic, just a few bumps, but enough to make me purse my lips and clench my jaw.  The fact I haven't reached the point of not being able to open my mouth is a positive sign that I've been dealing with it.

My uncertainty this week has grown from challenges to the mindset I have when approaching dealings with other people.  That mindset can be summed up as "I give the best of myself to others and have no reason to expect that others will not do the same."  This has been a liberating thing, but it can also be challenging when people act in a way that is inconsistent with this.  Vulnerability is the word that springs to mind.

I've been showered with love today from three women with whom I have very different relationships.  The general theme has been "you're fantastic".  How wonderful!  How lucky I am to have friends in my world who are so willing to be expressive!

After my lovely long lunch with one of these women today, I dropped her at the tram stop in Collins Street and went off to run some errands.  The particular stop is one of those super stops where the tram runs down the middle and passengers alight on the outside.  I was waiting for an approaching tram to stop at the stop before crossing.  To my left was a woman wearing a full bur-qua.  She stepped out to cross and was on her way to walking in front of a tram approaching from the other direction.  I called out to her to stop and took a step to grab her.  She shook me off and said that she was fine.

"I'm not blind you know. I may be wearing a bur-qua, but I can see.  I'm not blind!" she said angrily.

My instinct to stop her walking in front of an oncoming tram was unconnected to what she was wearing!  I was just reaching out to another human being.  Another woman who was also crossing, looked at me and rolled her eyes.

"You just saved that woman's life.  Good work!  She should be thanking you!"

I thanked her for noticing.  It was nice to be acknowledged.

Wonder why the bur-qua clad woman took such offence to my gesture? I was feeling good after being so affirmed by my friends.  Maybe the bur-qua clad woman is in need of such nourishment from the relationships in her own life.  So, I thanked the woman who acknowledged me and it doesn't matter that the woman on the fatal path didn't - I still offered the gesture and that's what really matters.

Thank you to the wonderful people in my life.

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