Friday, 24 February 2012

Challenge accepted!

I've accepted a challenge from my blog and Scrabble buddy over at SexyMomGP.  The challenge comes from fatmumslim and is to take a photo a day during the month of March.  The photo must be inspired by the keyword of the day.

I love a challenge and am in a YES frame of mind so there was nothing else to do but accept!  It's so easy to take photos these days and having inspiration will help me look for things and see things differently.  Perfect.

Would you like to join in too?  It's easy.  Post on your blog or share on twitter, facebook, instagram or...where ever you like!  The hash tag if you're sharing on twitter or instagram is #Marchphotoaday.  I'll be posting here and you can find divacultura on twitter and instagram too.

Here is the list of March words for each day:

Keywords for March:
1. Up
2. Fruit
3. Your neighbourhood
4. Bedside
5. A smile
6. 5pm
7. Something you wore
8. Window
9. Red
10. Loud
11. Someone you talked to today
12. Fork
13. Sign
14. Clouds
15. Car
16. Sunglasses
17. Green
18. A corner of your home
19. Funny 
20. Before and after
21. Delicious
22. Kitchen sink
23. Moon
24. Animal
25. Breakfast
26. Key
27. Your name
28. Trash
29. Feet
30. Toy
31. Where you relax

I'd love to see what you see!  Come and join us.

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