Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Quitting sugar - it paid off!

It's been almost a year since I quit sugar.  I did it at the suggestion of my doctor when my blood results showed an elevation in liver enzymes and cholesterol going in the wrong direction.  That day, I read Sarah Wilson's I Quit Sugar and I started immediately.  I viewed food with sugar as not being food.

So today, I want to tell you a good news story.  I received my latest blood results today and I can tell you that I've never been so excited.

Those liver enzyme markers were back to normal.  All the cholesterol and fat markers are back where they should be. Everything is looking great!

Here's the interesting thing - all I have done is cut out sugar (fructose).  I eat a balanced diet but you should know: I eat cheese; I use butter; I eat red meat, sometimes with the fat on. I eat the skin on chicken. I do not eat fructose. I also eat multi grain porridge (oats, spelt, barley etc) sprinkled with chia seeds.

This is what all the books say will happen.  The science around fructose is that the body processes it into fat through the liver and causes issues with cholesterol, appetite regulation and so on.

I was a bit nervous as I waited for my doctor to explain the results.  I really hoped that the early struggle and now my mindset had paid off with positive health results.  It did!

What's your view on sugar? When my doctor asked me that a year ago my answer was, "I love it!"


  1. Hi Tanya, That is great news for you. I would love to know if you have noticed any other benefits apart from the lab results.


    1. Hi Tracy - yes! Dropped a dress size, clear skin, no cravings, eating less. It's all very good news! Thanks for reading!