Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Birthday reflections.

I wasn't going to turn my computer back on today and enter the online world, but at the end of another birthday, I feel the need to say a few things.

Rather than railing against growing older, I embrace my birthdays with exhilaration   How wonderful that I am still around to share and celebrate another year!  As I do grow older I  hear stories of people who do not have that opportunity.

In the digital age, it's great to hear from a variety of people.  Greetings are public, private, personal, heartfelt, auto-generated, funny, surprising, touching, bland.  Whatever they are, someone has made the effort to think of me and reach out across the bandwidth, just for a moment.  I like it!

Today I received a birthday card from one of my Twitter followers.  We were working together yesterday and she recognised me.  Somewhere along the line, I mentioned that today was my birthday and today she presented me with a funny, handmade card.  I was delighted.  What a great thing!  Why not be the kind of person who gives or sends a birthday card to people they have met? It spreads goodwill and good feeling and that's a good thing.

This wasn't a birthday ending in zero so I didn't have a big shindig.  I'd been surrounding myself with friends who had been wrapping me in love, so I didn't do anything spectacular.  I slept in this morning; had a conversation with a prospective client and went off to lunch with a friend.  We happened to be working in the same neighbourhood and she took time out of her day to meet me.  We enjoyed sitting outside in the warmer weather.  I worked for the afternoon and then had dinner with a close friend this evening.  In between I read emails, facebook posts, text messages and took calls from friends and family.  I arrived home and listened to the messages on my answering machine - one from my four year old nephew, exuberantly shouting "Happy birthday Aunty Tanya" .  His message started with the cue from my sister whispering "go, now".

I wore a new dress today.  Rich emerald green.

I examined my face intently.  To me I look the same - except for those annoying grey hairs that I'm sure the hairdresser sprinkles in after each visit - but I know that I do not.  I don't have worry lines or frown lines.  You can see that I laugh.

I feel serene.
I feel happy.
I feel like my hard work is paying off.
I feel intensely interested in my work.
I feel valued.

I feel loved. The most important feeling of all.

Thank you everyone.  I actually feel like this most days.  It's wonderful.


  1. I feel so bad! I haven't been reading my mail and almost missed this completely! It sounds like you had a wonderful day so I wish for you to continue having a wonderful year, and many many many more of those to come! Happy Birthday Tanya!

  2. Thankyou for your b'day post. It was great. Please forgive my tardiness (!) I'm not on time with anything, hardly ever these days, life is just sooo friggin busy! But I think of you fondly & often, especially when I'm wearing my beautiful handknitted socks! I look forward to hooking up with you...sometime? I live on the Mornington Peninsula and it takes me hours to get anywhere up in town, but one day....
    And I may even see you at Summersong? Perhaps?


    1. Thank you Cat Black! You are forgiven -unnecessarily! The current plan is that I will be at Summersong in January. Very much looking forward to it.