Thursday, 8 December 2011

What I heard

"They've had a new baby called Salad.  I've sent them a bowl as a gift."  These are the words my friend spoke over the mobile phone.

Wow, I thought.  That's a little bit cheeky.

For a few seconds I considered "Salad" as a name for a girl.  Quickly I decided that she need not worry because she'd be given any number of nicknames by her school mates.


The list went on.  Being called Salad was probably the least of her worries.

In these days of unusual names (think "Apple", "Blanket" - I even heard of a "Pod" closer to home) Salad seemed a little safe.

Turns out, I had misheard completely.  Her name is Charlotte and he sent her a doll!

What unusual names have you heard lately?  What name-appropriate gift would you give?

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